Horse Training


Having the time and knowledge is crucial for achieving your horse's performance goals. If either of those are lacking, consider allowing Kelly's horse training to help get you there. With a vast experience in multiple disciplines and breeds, Kelly has started young horses under saddle, enhanced a horse's ability in their current discipline, guided horses into learning a new one, and tackled many difficult "problem" personalities. With a patient and fair approach, Kelly allows the horse to learn at his or her own pace, minimizing the chance for the horse to create bad habits or develop anxiety issues. Kelly truly believes that conditioning the body is only half the battle, the other comes from training the brain. Training does not come from complex gadgets, aggressive bits, or spurs, but from patient hands, guiding legs, and a fair approach to maximize the horse's performance potential.

**Please Note: These rates do include the cost of board but do not include the cost of veterinarian or farrier fees, supplements, special feeds, etc. 

Part Time Training/Conditioning

 Part-Time Training/Conditioning- $575/month

 Two Rides for the horse per week and Two Lessons a month for the owner. This is a great option for riders who don't get to the barn as much as they'd like, or might just need a little extra help keeping their horse fit and in top form. This package also offers the rider two half-hour lessons with Kelly during the month to be scheduled at their convenience. 

Full Time Training/Conditioning

Full-Time Training/Conditioning - $700/month 

Five Rides for the horse per week and Four Lessons a month for the owner. A more complete package, this option gives owners a chance to take a step back and leave the hard work to Kelly. This package is ideal for horses returning to work after a long period of rest, or preparing for the upcoming show season. With one lesson offered a week, the owner is still involved every step of the way, building their skills along side their horse under Kelly guidance. Owners are welcome to continue riding as often as they would like while the horse is in training.

Commonly Asked Question: How long does my horse need to be in training?

Every horse learns differently and at their own pace. Depending on each rider's individual goals, and the horse's current training level, a minimum of 60 days is recommended to make the greatest impact in developing new skills. 

Have specific questions about your horse? Contact Kelly to set up a training consultation and formulate a training plan thats rights for you.