Horse Show Coaching


Show coaching is available for DoubleStar riders attending shows individually or with the show team. Each show is approached with a customized plan designed to optimize the rider's success during the show weekend. Each rider will decide on a class list with Kelly prior to the show date in order to strategize the best plan for you and your horse.  Also note that any fees generated by the show grounds such as stalling, bedding and class registration fees are to be paid directly by the client and will not be billed by Kelly at a later date.

What does a Show Coach do?

Kelly's approach to show coaching is geared towards keeping each rider mentally and physically focused on performing their best. A weekend of show coaching includes:

-stall set up upon arrival to show

-detailed show preparation lesson at the show grounds

-assistance with bathing, clipping, banding, etc.

-Class strategizing and pattern practice

-time management planning

-ring-side coaching

-honest feedback after each ride 

How much is it to hire a Show Coach?

Whether you plan to ride in a few classes or are aiming for weekend high-point, Kelly offers a flat-rate fee of $80 per show for coaching. All of her guidance and encouragement for one low fee!

Showing with a group sounds like more fun...

The DoubleStar Equestrian Show Team attends many different types of shows throughout the year for both stock type horses and fine horses.  An extraordinary group of riders and their support system working together as a team with one common love: showing their horse! We focus on a stress and anxiety-free weekend at the show where each rider has the opportunity to exhibit the skills they are learning with pride.

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