Our Facility

Welcome to DoubleStar Equestrian


This facility was purchased in the Fall of 2016 by Kelly Beaubien and her family in the hopes of renovating the existing barn, and creating the greatest equestrian experience in Mid-Michigan. While the facility continues to be under renovations, our constant improvements do not prevent us from carrying on our day-to-day lesson and training schedule. Clients that have their horses at the facility still have full use of our indoor and outdoor arena, cross-tie and wash rack areas. Each week brings on new improvements and puts us closer to reaching our goals. Stop by or schedule an appointment to see what's going on at DoubleStar Equestrian!

Current Renovations


Taking on a project of this magnitude means that a list of priorities is key, and is followed to the T! Since the very first day we stepped foot on this farm, our family has worked tirelessly to ensure progress is made on a weekly basis. After filling a 20 yard dumpster and two truck/trailers with leftover garbage, we began by stripping out the stalling area in the back barn to rebuild the six stalls from the ground up. Adding drainage and rubber mats as a base for the stalls ensured no stall flooding during the very wet spring we had in 2017. One by one, the pasture areas were brush-hogged and old, broken fencing was taken down. Getting the weeds and over-growth under control led way to putting in new, safer fencing for the pastures. We've recently finished fencing in a new section, allowing our horses to be  rotated between five large grass pastures, and each enjoy a well-lit 10x12 or 10x10 matted stall. Our main aisle way now has the first three custom-built stalls, as well as a brightly lit cross-tie. Most recently, our back barn has been completely rewired to allow for new LED Energy Efficient lighting.    

Future Renovations

Each stall in our main aisle way has been custom measured and built by Tim Beaubien.

Heading into our third winter here, the "renovation team" is currently in the process of adding installation and heating into the Lesson Tack Room in the back barn. Next on the docket is creating a cross-tie areas in the back for our lesson students. The customer lounge is currently doing a great job storing our tack and equipment, but once our lesson tack room is finished, the room will soon be dry walled and flooring redone to offer our guests a relaxing and comfortable place to sit overlooking the indoor arena. Smaller paddocks near the barn and stall run-out areas will be re-fenced with sturdy  wood fencing. 

Once our back barn is completely finished, we'll be transitioning back to the front barn and getting back into construction mode and adding more stalls to the main aisle. Our goal is to have four more stalls finished and opened up by Summer 2019. This summer will also bring new lighting to our indoor arena and resurfacing the outdoor arena.  

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